Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Getting Close + Other Stuff

I managed to get a lot of recording done this weekend and even yesterday while nobody was around to be bothered by it. There's a bit more I have to tweak and record again, but this weekend coming up I'm hoping to finish and upload episode 10.

That's as far as video progress is going so far. But I also need to address something I've seen a few comments about. Me and the rest of the Mind Series (the most popular ones anyway).
There's been a fair number of people who have been bugging me to start bugging Krimsin or MightyPirate or even Corky about paying attention to my series.

To this I say, no, N O no.

Would I like the surge in popularity and subscriber increase? Sure! But that's not how to go about it. Those guys got their popularity on their own merits (everyone searching for Half-Life based mind series probably helped too) and that's how it should be. Exposure is something you earn, not force.

Granted, I was the one who contacted Krimisin for Episode 7. But I had a reason to do so and if I have to contact anyone else from that group I'll need another good reason.
It's not hard to email or PM them don't get me wrong, they seem pretty open about that. But you don't email or call somebody for the sake doing so. That's just stupid, especially if you do it over and over again.

Bottom line, I'm not going to do it because it's rude. If I get noticed at all by anyone else I'd prefer they find me themselves or have a friend tell them. Word of mouth is the least obnoxious form of marketing, and the last thing I need is to be an asshole to people I admire.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

200 Subscribers!

Yeah...I got nothing so here's some crap.

I sincerely apologise

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lookie at what I Draw'd!

       Partly because I wasted a lot of time on this but mostly because I want to make you guys know I'm not dead. Well at least for those who actually read this damn thing. I coughed this up after having a dumb idea during class.
The Point Man

       Basically I had this idea of taking sound clips of all the mind series characters (this is mine in case you're braindead) and making a sort of Street Fighter-esque showdown thing. It wouldn't actually be a game of course but a sort of animation made to look like one. Check this out for an idea of what I'm talking about. Anyway I realized as soon as I started drawing that, I can't draw (see series intro screen). So that kinda put a damper on things, I had time though so I worked on making this not suck as badly and this is the result. Even got bored today and did this with him.

He Moves!

       Kinda cool. Again though I'm not sure why I did it at all. I seriously can't draw and only made it look halfway decent like this due to tracing on the computer. But like I mentioned I also felt like I should put something up since recording any voice over is a no go for now.
If somebody else wants to steal this idea go ahead. Unless I somehow pull artistic talent out of my ass, two random pictures on the internet these will stay.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

All Settled in

So I'm pretty much settled into residence right now. Internet works fine and I'm pretty confident I can manage everything. Only one problem is getting in the way of things.

These walls are paper thin.

As I'm typing I can hear somebody playing their guitar 8 rooms away. And I checked, both of us have our doors closed too. This puts a serious damper on my plans to still continue The Point Man's Mind as there is literally no way I can remove all of this background noise (there's too much, I tried). On the other side of that if I start recording dialogue and I end up screaming or yelling (I will there's no way around that)I'm just going to get complaints about it from the neighbors. Which will suck because people have been kicked out of this place for that, but also because I don't like bothering people with noise.

Obviously I have to find some way around this. I won't be giving up but this is going to take longer than I thought. Figured I should let you guys know ahead of time.


Monday, September 6, 2010

9 Is Uploaded

I worked hard to bring this one out a little sooner than usual seeing as of monday I will be moving to a new town. Its for college so I don't know how temporary or permanent me living up there will be. But it will mean a decrease in activity as I'm taking this very seriously.

This should tide you guys over for a bit and I will be making a new episode before 2011 comes around that's a promise. But I still need to rearrange my setup. Make sure sound for me and my neighbors isn't a problem for one, of course there's also the fact I don't want this getting in the way of school and actually getting internet access.

On the bright side, I noticed Youtube increased their video limit to 15 minutes now so expect episode 10 to be a longer one. Also to celebrate how much support of got on this series I've got another surprise in mind for episode 10 as well.

See ya soon!