Wednesday, June 22, 2011

14 and Future Goodies

Yeah I've uploaded more of this anime stuff instead of episode 14. There's only one part of the process to complete now, the dialogue.

Couple things preventing me from doing that right this minute however. The first is that I'm building a BRAND NEW COMPUTER! Thats right, a brand new computer with much better graphical and processing power. Meaning that chapters from now on will be of much higher graphical quality. Editing time and power consumption should be drastically reduced from this as well. And best of all I can now play FEAR3 if I decide to continue on the monolith timeline. But this also means a have a bunch of computer parts and boxes where I would record dialogue normally.
Luckily though this will all be done this week so I can finally get to it.

The other thing from releasing however is Robin/Krimsin. He recently had the flu and is recovering from it now, and like my own run in with the flu it tore into his vocal chords. Won't be hearing from him for a bit and understandably so.

That is all right now, just remember that this anime thing is to fill time when I can't finish episodes. I'm not giving up on it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nintendo the U and the Duke

I really wanted to like Nintendo again, I really did. When I saw the Wii all those years ago I knew for a fact that it would get stale and there wouldn't be any games I would want for it. And that is exactly what happened. 5 or so years later and here we are with the WiiU (or the U which is what it should have been called). An iPad with buttons on it.
Innovation my ass, for anyone impressed by that golf swing part of their trailer I have one thing to say. FUCK YOU. There has been literally been zero reason to think this won't be another retarded gimmick like the Wii. Supporting dumb-fuckery like this is what has made me shift to PC gaming so much.

That being said, I hope I'm wrong. I hope the U actually comes out with a game that looks cool and halfway interesting. I hope Nintendo gives me a reason to come back to them, I miss what Nintendo used to be and I want to see them get better. So far it doesn't look like it.

Now for something completely different. Duke Nukem Forever sucks.
The game was released in Europe and will be released tomorrow in North America. But the word is that the game sucks, a lot. Everything aside from Duke's personality was given quality time apparently. So for all you retards out there who chuckle at this crap will love it.
Which of course brings me to the fact that the game has been pre-ordered by so many people that they've already turned a massive profit. Thank you so fucking much.

I guess the point of this post was to rant about how stupid gamers are these days. Willing to throw their money at people who don't deserve it and willing to support franchises that should have died in the 90s.
And I didn't even mention Sonic or Call of Duty.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Episode 14 and that Anime Thing

14 is near the half way point already. Got the script and most of the footage done. This one has 3 firefights in total so not a lot of downtime and getting a good fight scene can be pretty tough game play wise.
For any of you who've played FEAR before, the main thing the enemy AI does well is being unpredictable. Meaning that if you aren't paying attention and seriously outnumbered (which you always are) you'll have a grenade or shotgun up your ass. Something which has happened during recording I can assure you.

That might need one more round for me to make it fun to watch and of course believable. So sit tight.

The Hour and a Half Later thing is still going and I've got a bit of a surprise for the next series I watch. More of an experiment actually.
You'll see what I mean soon, suffice to say that if you read this I would appreciate feedback as much as possible once I release the first 2 episodes.