Thursday, July 28, 2011

Future anime crap

Its been brought to my attention that Funimation recently blocked Hour and a Half Later 1.4 for viewing in the United States. Being in Canada I had no idea or noticed a difference myself, so I appreciate the heads up.

This brings me to what I'm probably going to do from now on. I'll still have the episodes made with the cuts and everything for youtube consumption. But at the same time I will also have the MP3 file available for download off...I dunno. Megaupload maybe.
This way people can still get the full un-edited commentary a few people have asked for. While at the same time there will be a ready made backup, just in case this happens again.

Of course this also means that anyone relying on this will have to manually sync the commentary to the episodes I (and possibly others) watch. And like the series' name implies I usually watch 3 episodes at a time. There'll be some sort of timer, i'll figure something out when I get to it. As for the video of the episodes themselves? Hey, if a guy like me can find Anime this easily it should be a snap for you guys.

I'll post any download links on the blog here.

(I should mention that I did not save the raw audio files until now. The only thing I saved was the video which won't do you any good if it gets blocked again.)

Monday, July 25, 2011


This number might be a bit off what with youtube's view count being on the fritz this month. But my first episode has actually reached 10,000 views now. Amazing, though it has been a year so that probably has a lot to do with it, as always baby steps.

Still though thats a pretty awesome number to think about.

Episode 14 is still waiting on Robin to get well enough to do it. So you'll all have to be patient once again. Watching this anime stuff works well as filler, but like you guys I'd rather get back to the main attraction soon.