Tuesday, May 24, 2011

History is Cool

I figured I'd take the time to give some deserved attention to a couple of history/video game nerds who are actually making the history of the video game industry fun again.

The Nostalgic Gamer is a guy I should have subscribed to much earlier. He makes video game retrospectives, most notably his Street Fighter retrospective which is so epic that I was almost sad it ended. Currently he has moved on to an even more ambitious project, the retrospective of an entire company, Rare. This guy doesn't have the greatest speaking voice, but his info is solid and editing superb.

Gametrailers has a couple series that immortalize gaming history much in the same way. Their retrospectives are of much higher visual quality which is to expected but are also incredibly in depth and fascinating to watch or listen to. These guys are the ones who inspired the Nostalgic Gamer to do his thing so giving them a watch is a good idea.
Another series they've recently done which I was surprised by is called Level. The premise being that the staff at the site pick one specific location or level of any video game and immortalize it for its: originality, twist in gameplay, design, and how memorable it is.

I suggest checking out any of those three series if you're interested at all in gaming history or may be too young to remember gaming's roots.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

400 Already?

Damn guys, didn't expect that so quickly.

Didn't have anything planned to celebrate this time. I'll try to think of something I guess, but by then it probably wouldn't mean anything.

I guess I should thank Jared aka:Cool or CptCool2 on youtube. He favorited episode 13 and right after that I got like 10 subscribers while I was sleeping. Crazy stuff.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Episode 13! Damn Straight!

Yeah it's finally here. Despite what seemed like the universe's attempt to stop this series dead, I'm still going!
Take that!

This episode reminds me again of how weird it is for a guy who has zero interest in acting. Is doing a video series requiring him to do it anyway.
Starting this out I knew voice over would be my main weakness. So to make up for it I've tried to put more emphasis on the writing and visual presentation. So far its worked out pretty damn well.
For one, barely anyone has pointed out how absolute shit I am. Which is a win in my book!

Believe me when I say that I'll be writing episode 14 this weekend. Already kinda got a start on that one. But I'll admit I've been putting it off. Should be a bit more straight forward, no detours, lots of carnage.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Point Man's Mind and FEAR 3 (among other things)

So for those not aware already, FEAR 3 will be released this month. I haven't decided if I'll continue the series into that game, but I do know I'm going to try and make sure its a possibility at least.
For one the new game has actual cutscenes this time. Pointman may not have talked much so far but its still possible that he won't stay mute by the end of it. There's also of course that whole co-op aspect that might ruin any kind of monologue thinking going on.

It'll be a challenge either way, but I obviously won't know for sure until I play the game. Which I will.

On a more personal note I've got a bit of a turning point going on here. This summer I'm going to have to get a job of some sort. But after thats over I'm not sure if I'll be continuing college or not. I'm currently in the Information Technology program, and after all of that time. I'm not sure if I want to continue it.
Doing these videos is actually a lot more fun. The screen capture and the commentary and the editing. I'd really rather do these for a living. But of course reality gets in the way of things.
I only mention this because this may cause some more delays in updating. Not for episode 13 of the Pointman but anything else for the next few months.

I might have something this month though, still working the kinks out for that.