Friday, December 17, 2010

So YouTube is Being Weird

I have no idea why this appeared all of the sudden but I'm a little weirded out by it.

So its saying I can upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes now. Thats nice and all and apparently its being applied only to certain users who've complied with YouTube guidelines.

I'm assuming that they generally mean with "complying with guidelines" they're actually talking about copyright infringement. I'm not sure if they're actually looking at who they're applying this to, but I know I'm not following copyright laws 100% here.
I'm basically using a copyrighted video game to amplify my own work, if I was under legal investigation I would be a prosecutor's wet dream right now. And I'm not the only one either.

Legality aside. Does this mean I'll be making videos longer than 15 minutes now?

No....well sorta.

For the Point Man's Mind, no there won't be videos that exceed 15 minutes unless things call for it. Internet videos tend to only work in short bursts like that and I generally feel like my writing abilities work in that same fashion.
Maybe if there isn't an appropriate cut off point for few more minutes of gameplay. Maybe then, but I wouldn't expect it.

The times where it probably will are going to be for Let's Plays. I haven't continued one of those in a bit but not having to look at the clock will make things easier. And with this new found time on my hands I might be able to bring one out soon.

So I figured I'd bring this to everyone's attention. I still find it weird and a little confusing that they're figuring me for a copyright abiding citizen, but whatever.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yeah it's Here

You waited, you got it. Episode 12. And this will be the last episode for 2010, or at least the last one that'll be released this year. By next year I'll probably have all the work I spent during the holidays finished so I can get it out in January.

Until then.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 Is Done!....Sorta Kinda

Alright, I got almost everything done now. The main footage is in now, the script is done and I went through the dialogue recording not too long ago. "Then why don't we have episode 12 yet?" you ask.

Well finals mainly. I've got 3 projects to finish off, one of which I haven't even started yet. That's where my time has been going lately. But I on top of that I need to correct a couple things.
There's a bit of recording I did that I'm not satisfied with yet, my crappy "acting" aside, comes down to timing this time. The other thing is a bit simpler, I need to re-record some footage.
Like I mentioned last post, A.Shephard will be coming back in this episode. However like last time I need to make sure I have the game sound going in the background and selectively delete the original voice. What this means is that I need to go through the same sequence of events once with no SFX and music and a second time with only voice turned on. This is what I did last time.

As a bit of behind the scenes of that episode however, I screwed up a bit. The actual video footage I used was the footage I used with no SFX on. And i used the audio of the no voice footage, interchanged between the two. If you listen carefully (and I tried to hide this a little) you may notice that the footsteps don't completely line up with the video.
Don't ask me why I kept going on when there was an obviously easier way. I don't know myself.

Lastly I'm still waiting on Krimsin's dialogue. Though he's a busy guy and with the holidays coming up I don't expect it right away. That's almost a given though.

So that's why you're not getting Episode 12 right yet. Excuses excuses I know, but hopefully some behind the scenes stuff like this will satisfy. Its actually a little fun telling you guys.
If anyone wants to know how other things were done in the series, just let me know.