Friday, July 30, 2010

So, it begins.

Because updating people on Youtube is flipping annoying, what with video limits and character limits its all a huge hassle I don't think anyone appreciates. I decided to make this as a substitute. So I hope this will make it easier for a lot of people

Not really a "blogger" person myself. I never cared what blogs talked about or ever cared to make one until now. But as a substitute compared to a really really crap update system on Youtube, this works well enough

So that's pretty much what this will be. I'll update here with new videos and try to explain delays and answer questions people have for me here, and every so often I guess I'll post something funny or let you guys know about something I've got in the works.

I've got a few surprises in the works already but I'm going to wait on revealing those at least until I'm half way through one of my projects. In the meantime you can find The Point Man's Mind and other playlists I have here.